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Developed and produced date nursing, inspection & harvesting machinery

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Development and production of date nursing, inspection and harvesting machinery


Palm tree date farms in MENA countries

Holland Agri Machinery BV has been approached by the Saudi Government and major date palm farms in MENA countries to explore the possibility of developing and manufacturing machinery for date nursing, inspection, and harvesting. This initiative aims to support the production of one of the fastest-growing fruits in Saudi Arabia.

One of the primary challenges faced is securing high-quality labor, compounded by the limited season available for harvesting dates.

The specified requirements for these machines were:

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Nursing
  • Maintenance
  • Harvesting
  • Pre-grading on the field
Dutch partners

Creating benefits for date farms

In collaboration with local partners here in The Netherlands, and leveraging the collective expertise we possess, we have developed the following ideas. These proposed machines offer the following benefits:

  • Preserving the quality of the high-moisture fruit
  • Increasing the output and the date-picking rate
  • Saving working hours and making efficient use of machinery
  • Reducing enormously the number of labour needed for working at heights
Date farm machinery - Creating Benefits

For palm trees up to max. 17 meter

Dates machinery for palm trees up to 17m
Dates machinery for harvesting palm trees up to 17m
Dates machinery - emptying harvester
Dates Machinery - Unload harvest
Dates Machinery - Load full pallet

For palm trees up to max. 5 meter

Dates Machinery - Inspection Platform for up to 5m
Dates farm - Inspection platform
Dates Machinery - Inspection platform for up to 5m -1
Dates Machinery - Cherry Picker for trees up to 5 meter
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