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AVR Potato Equipment

Importer & Distributor for AVR Machines in the Middle East Region

AVR Machinery imported and distributed by Holland Agri Machinery
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Import and Distribute the entire range of AVR Machines

AVR Machines

The full line of AVR Machinery

Holland Agri Machinery BV serves as the importer and distributor for the complete range of products from AVR Roeselare in Belgium and AVR Veendam in the Netherlands, specifically for the Middle East region.

We offer the entire line of AVR potato equipment, including planters, ridgers, harvesters, grading and packing machines. Several turnkey projects have been successfully completed.

For information on available machines, turnkey projects, and product availability, please contact Holland Agri Machinery BV.

Robust and secure

The aim of AVR

AVR specializes in producing robust, secure, high-capacity harvesters that deliver potatoes of excellent quality. These are high-end machines designed with the objective of minimizing the 'total cost of ownership.' Quality, capacity, and service are the key focus areas.

AVR's expertise lies in two main areas: harvesting potatoes on one hand, and soil cultivation both before and after the planting of potatoes on the other.

The machinery range by AVR

AVR Machinery
AVR Machinery
AVR Machinery - CSB-855
AVR Spirit 6200
AVR Machinery - CDVE-1600-65
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